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Finished Line

Ok, that's it, I've quit the human race today
I've hung my sneakers up and said enough
Environmentalists stop the whining scree
I'm cheering for the polar bears but only if they eat you
Our senators are worth their wait in gold for sure
But I wish that they were thinner
Maybe the polar bears would have them over for dinner
Oh, Bartelby write this one down
Oh sure you'd prefer not to
Try this on as something new
Our sport's teams cheat to win
And their owners only care about the buck
What?  greed corrupts the outcome
Say it ain't so Joe
That's like saying the burger joints don't care about
That they only care about the bottom line
And not about the wide bottoms that they create
Nah, all is lost without the cost
Let's trickle down on the rest
Sleep tight my child of delight
For they really are out to get you
I quit I cry and yell at the ocean
As it washes the sand out beneath my feet
And I stumble backwards on the shore of discontent
Bark at the moon and scream at the stars
Oh hell, I have a cold
If this snot quits running onto my lip
Maybe my disposition will improve
And I won't want polar bears to eat those crying in the wilderness
Just those creeping in the capitol

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