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Knight's Night

I saw the tall knight with the aerdale crest walk
Into the trees
I lay on the edge of the battle field
Waiting to meet God
Our king would be proud of the outcome
The setting burnished sun is filtering through the leaves
Remembering seeing the sea in the west
When I was boy, before
I took down many a knight this day
The fight was a good and honorable one
I feel as though I have spent hours on a rack
My leg is broken, my arms are heavy, there is a
Spreading wet warmth on my side
I have a thirst that will not will not be quenched
A fleeting thought of honor and death
That there is no honor after death only death
But that will pass after passing
I must lift my arms and cross my chest plate with
My sword
The light fades from his eyes
They look like the thousands of other eyes now
The tall knight has entered the brace of trees
He sees men dead and dying, but not as many as
Laid on the field
Two horses had died under him this day
He's sorry that they are gone
His first one was cut out from under him
The second ran away as he cut through the standard barers
He walks towards the west slowly
And purposefully
Carrying his broad sword on his shoulder
Its blade is chinked and stained
His breast plate is covered with dirt and blood
Its polished gleam but a memory of yesterday
His legs and his arms are covered with pieces of
With is short sword sheathed in his side scabbard
Still sharp and deadly
There are no enemies now
Just bodies on the ground waiting
For burial or death
Today like yesterday he is walking away
But tomorrow he'll worry about when
The solder sits in a foxhole, he sits in an armored car,
She waits in a bunker for daylight
The night seems to go on forever
A bullet tears into a helmet
A club explodes bone on the side of a head
What mark of Cain sits above each of us?
When will old men stop sacrificing the young?
I sit watching the ocean lap at the sand
The sun is now just a memory of the day

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