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Another Side of Epic (part 4)

Cykles nee Gryffred from Holyrood byrn
Dark boyhood memories of an ending of time
Burning pyres of flesh and smoke filled with death
The violent dragon ship raiders laid waste to everything
Living but the children
They left them alone on the coast with ash filled air
All the valuables burning or gone
He had seen his father struck down then beheaded
His mother raped and gutted
Violence too graphic for a five year old
He was gathered together with the other four children on the bluff
As everything was torched
When the ship pulled out, he weeped with the others
Cykles was saved from sure death of starvation, exposure
Gryffred, a traveler, a naturalist, a mystic had seen the smoke
He placed the others with farmers inland
And taught Cykles about the world
Why the stones faced the sun and how to read the night sky
The service of the Oak
The meaning of the seas and water
The chanting of the Holly
Like Gryffred, Cykles did not wish to join the service of magic
But stay in the world of nature and men
   It's time boy for me to teach another and for you to use what
   You know
   You've grown true and peace shines through you
   It's time for you to take an orb and a robe
Cykles remained in the highlands for three cycles of nature
Until he'd seen the signs of war and gathering clouds around
He knew this was more than the usual clan on clan
The violence would be great and widespread
Commoners would be laid to waste as well as land
This was another ending time of grief and death
It was time for him to try and not see little ones left to nature
He would walk through the doors on this low gray night
It was time to tell the tale of the twine
And show a light from the crystal
To remove a hate from eyes
And a singing of steel from ears

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