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Oh no - the end

It's over, I'm done - stick a fork into me
Dylan has made a Cadillac ad
And compact discs are done as a medium
I thought it was over ten years ago now
When I last rid myself of hundreds of lps
And Bobby boy did an ad for Victoria and her secrets
At least that was funny and we all were just jealous
But this latest blow is too much for my head
Driving off to the desert in his caddy?
And what will I do with 3000 cds
I still have 500 tapes of the past
I've traded in enough for technology
I've done this before
Time to sit in my chair and rock to what I have
If a new sound comes along
I'll just spin the discs that I have
And tell all that I liked it the first time
Years ago, while I can remember when...
I'm an old non-downloading guy and cheap at that
I don't even want the chip implant any more
It's time I dealt with the truth
Move on world - I'm staying put
With a smile and a song of my own
Bob, do what you do and I'll watch as the parade
Passes by

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