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Another Side of Epic (part 5)

Rex Mydaefandynm mac Mydaefand from Firth upon Forth
Had only one lesson to learn while young
Kill or die
At five winters he was given a sword by his father
And set upon a dog with a bone
The dog died at his hands
By seven summers he was an accomplished hunter
Mastering bow and blade
He never knew too well his mother
She was a singer of songs and sat at his father's feet
Her being from the highlands and he being lord of the lows
Mydaefand a most fearsome warrior married his children well
And interlaced his conquests with holdings by blood
Mydaefand took no prisoners and had no use for ransoms
When he showed up on the fields or in the halls
There was no parlaying to be done
As his first born son he learned the hand was for two reasons
To hold a weapon and crush an opponent
By his eleventh summer he fought by his father's side
He learned the advantage of fear
Many ghosts circled his feet
He had drank from their skulls at their fires
When the father fell in Mydaefandynm's fifteenth fall
He stepped into his stead without a nod
And routed the enemy without leaving a single one standing
Destroyed the village and burnt down the fields
Those hiding went hungry that winter
And tales of this young lord grew long with the shadows
Around cold hearths of his cold heart
The winds whispered death at his coming
By his eighteenth spring he called his family to him
And told them to tell others of the coming storm
Because of his birth and place he laid claim to both high and low
Lands within
The call went out and homage was paid
The two places where it was not, laid smoldering by the fall
Raiders came to his coasts and ships were sent back to sea
On fire
The most feared harriers of his time came to him
They followed his every command
The only sound one heard at disagreement was the hum of his
Long sword
Before it stuck you down dead
There was no breach of confidence
There were no questions to be raised
He brooked no excuses and took nothing that he didn't want
But what he wanted was his
He could be cruel or kind, it stood at his pleasure
As he stood over other men by a head
He built halls and protected his lands against non-clans
There was but one rule of law
Kill or die
Not many challenged this court
Those who did, had their heads on a pike
He was king
Legends would soften his edges
Sing praises that were never there
Future generations make him seem as though fair
But those around his life knew that he was as fiery and as
Wild as his red burning hair
And the serpent with teeth that he wore on his arm

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