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Another Side of Epic (part 6)

Kyryrn was lord of some lands below the Forth
These were rich areas of calm and trade
These were towns using the law of land
And Kyryn was even and respected rather than feared
The first attacks from the dragon boats had come at
They had looted and burned
Killing subjects at random without conscience
When the second slaughter came during reaping time
Lord Kyryn collected men owing fealty and sent the sun-beards back
To the sea
But at a great cost in lives and autumn crops for the winter
This third landing was too much for the lands of Kyryn
And they stayed this time to winter on these shores
Merchants and landholders came to Kyryn to hold court
This court sent negotiators to the sun-beards
Their heads came back on pikes
There'd be no peace as long as they ruled the coast
The fearsomeness of Mydaefandynm and his men were known in
The world
It was decided to send emissaries to his court and pay him with
Trading rights, lands, and suzerainty
Mydaefandynm's lands had not been attacked by the dragon ships
Since he had sent them back into the sea burning
All men knew of his reign and champion Aethelrodmyd
To rid themselves of a frightful attacker they needed someone
Whose legend was more powerful
Homage was paid and accepted
There would be a force sent down from above the Forth
On winter's worn
The day the winter turned toward spring
This was good news to men in the lands of Kyryn
Mydaefandynm knew he could extent his rule
And give his men something to fight over besides each others' owns
Time to kill someone else besides lowland or highland lords
And he knew he brooked no prisoners
There was no ransom handsome enough for him
It would be a good fight
He was ready
Kill or die
He called his men to him

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