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Grandkids Pick Cherries for GrandMa

Posted: 02:48 PM, June 10, 2014 by IJK
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GrandMa Plays Ball with the Grandkids

Posted: 06:54 PM, May 30, 2014 by IJK
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Flooring Project

    About three weeks ago when we returned home from bingo we were met with a small disaster.  The solenoid that shuts the water off to the icemaker decided to quit while we were gone,  (Things always seem to happen that way) and when we stepped in the door and turned the light on we were met by a flood of water across the kitchen floor.  I got under the house right quick and turned the water off and then we sopped water up for almost an hour before we got it under control.  Then I pulled the icebox out and turned the water off to the icemaker so I could turn the water back on to the house.  It is now almost midnight.  We still had water to get sopped up and so we kept at it.  Pulled the washer and dryer out and sopped there and then turned a fan on the floor before going to bed.  Just as soon as the insurance company was open I called my agent and was soon called back by the adjuster.  He call Service Master out of Springfield to get down here and get to drying the subfloors.  Two nice young men showed up about 1 pm and set to work.  The water had found joints and had leaked into the insulation under the house and that insulation had to go.  Meanwhile while one worked on the the other used a real cool device and he could follow the water under the vinyl and finds it's route.  He then cut several feet of the vinyl out  so as to get to the subfloor.  That was a Friday.  Before they left they placed two fans and a dehumidifier in the kitchen and also below the house.  We left them run all weekend but sure got tired of the noise but knew the floor had to get dry quickly.  Monday one of the young men returned and picked up the fans and dehumidifiers and checked the floor and sure enough it was dry and we were able to minimize damage.
    Now we had other issues - finding someone to lay a new piece of vinyl flooring down.  I didnt have a clue about how to even begin.  Was able to find a great person by the name of J.R. Kennedy that came recommended by my nephew Marvin and brother-in-law Lonnie.  He agreed to do the work and shot me a price I accepted.  That evening he came an measured the floor and gave us a list of things to get.  We found some good flooring at Discount Daves in Mtn Grove and learned a lot about flooring that we did not know.  The gal there was very helpful.  We purchased the required amount and other supplies and our daughter Mitzi hauled it home for us in her van.  The flooring layed in the floor for a week because JR was not scheduled to return until the following Saturday.  He did arrive when stated along with our nephew Marvin as his helper.
    The video below starts with pics of the before and follows the progress throughout the process.  I did forget to get any pics of JR putting the floor leveling compound down but the rest is all documented.  The video is almost 6 minutes long but it does show the different steps and the final result

Posted: 08:39 PM, April 22, 2014 by IJK
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Feeding and introducing bottle calves

I made this brief video just for the fun of it.  Enjoy.

Posted: 08:36 PM, April 22, 2014 by IJK
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Loading Tractor

Posted: 07:58 PM, January 27, 2014 by IJK
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Ozarks Black Gold

Turn up your sound.

    This video starts with my daughter pulling the walnut trailer to her house so the granddaughters could pick walnuts.  Then I added a still of the girls with the loaded trailer the next morning as we got ready to head to the huller. The video goes on to show them unloading the trailer and brief interviews with each of them.  The video is for fun and to share what we do in the country with our city friends.
ps - this is the first time I have tried to add a still to a video.

Posted: 08:58 PM, October 22, 2013 by IJK
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Oldest son Baling Hay

    Just thought I would add this brief video of my oldest son baling hay. He tries to take the time at least one day each year to give me a break.

Posted: 08:11 PM, September 22, 2013 by IJK
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June at Kelley's Dairy

I have gotten behind so will make a single posting of everything month by month until caught up.  This is June 2013.  July, August and September will follow..  Thank you for your patience.First pepper of the season

The Missouri VFW held it's annual convention in Springfield, Mo this year and following the convention some very dear friends from New Hampshire came by to visit on Sunday afternoon. I had met Ross before but had not met his wife, Tara Sue, or the children before the convention although I had spoken to TS many times on the phone.  We had an excellent visit and gave them a tour of the farm.
left to right front - Lincoln, "Lil", Virginia, and Junebug Ru, rear - Me, Glinda and Ross.  Tara Sue was taking the pictures.
Inspecting the hogs Skeezix was raising for the fair.
"Lil" and Virginia are getting a closer look.  I suppose they are enthralled with watching.  The girls got along real well since they are almost the same age.
The Myers family - Standing rear - Junebug, sitting on Tara Sue's lap is Lincoln, standing beside her is Virginia and on the right is Ross.  We really enjoyed their visit and if they ever travel this way again we will be better prepared to be better hosts.  It was a really nice relaxing day and we were able to visit as if we had known each other for all our lives.
Francis took the time to come help me bale hay one day and I got these pics then.
Is Glinda small or is that a big bale of hay?
The Turkey Vultures are taking off, apparently I bothered them during their meal.
"Lil" was trying to get close and take a good look at the geese.  A pair had nested and raised young and here they are almost full grown.  It is hard to tell the young ones from the parents.
This female cat was quick and caught a mouse one morning while I was milking.
GrandMa is monitoring "Flossie" as she waters some of Glinda's vegetables that we raise in containers.  Of course "Lil" is wanting to help.
"Lil" loving on two kittens.
Brown Swiss cows resting in the early morning hours before I make the get up and come in for morning milking.
"Lil"  discovers first cucumber
and then she had to eat it.Francis birthday was on a Saturday and after he joined me for a class at VFW Post 3404 we went to the new Leongs Chinese Restaurant and played a round of mini golf while the ladies and kids went shopping.
Cousin Kimberly came and met us and we had a good visit with her.  She lives in Springfield but spent lots of time at our house while growing up and is very dear to our family.
After the golf game and visit with Kimberly we returned to Francis family home and I snapped the photos below while we enjoyed the shade of the big cedar trees in the front yard.
This is "Ike" and Harley.
Emma and "Ike"
Francis and Emma
Glinda, Jenny and "Ike" at the pond at their home.  I think they were looking and trying to spot the goldfish.
My oldest son Francis flanked by his Mother and I

This is all I have for June - Will try to get July up in the next few days.

Posted: 11:57 AM, September 22, 2013 by IJK
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Frustrating and long day on the farm.

  Jumped up at 3:45 am as usual and headed out the door a little before 4:30.  Anytime it storms in the night the cows are not in their usual place in the pasture so it took some time to find them but was started milking before 5:00 - things going good so far.  Daughter dropped in at 5:45 to visit a few minutes on her way to work - things started sliding when she left.  I was finishing up and needed to wash my boots  but no water - uh oh - I headed to the basement to check the system and could not get the thing started.  Tried cleaning the points and flipping the reset buttons to no avail.  Finally broke down and called the pump people that the family has used for 80+ years and the phone was answered on the first ring.  I settled down to wait for help to arrive, I needed water so I could wash the pipeline and clean the barn so merely waited at the barn because I live a ways from the barn.  I finally recalled the pump people around 8:00 and was told that they would send someone soon and I had not been forgotten.  I settled down to wait again.  A little after 9:00 help arrived.  We went to the system in the basement to check things out.  Points fine - uh oh - capacitors are fine - uh oh uh oh - things are not testing right and there are only two possibilities left - either the line to the pump is grounded or the line from the pumphead to the basement is compromised and grounding out.  We headed to the pumphead and I uncovered it and he cut the wires to test which way was bad.  It was determined that the line to the pump at the bottom of the hole was fine but the line to the system in the basement was grounded out.  Drat - We ran a temporary line on top of the ground from the basement to the wellhead and finally got water.  It is now 10:30 and he left - now my work really began.  Luckily Glinda came down with Bucky about then and she headed to the barn to clean the pipeline and wash the barn while Bucky stayed and chatted nonstop as I started digging.  I had to get the line buried that was laying on top of the ground.  We found lot of worms and he wanted to pet them.  I had about 90 feet to dig and it crossed under two fences and lots of roots.  Fun Fun - Joy Joy.  Finally got the ditch dug and holes drilled into the foundation for the new electric lines about 1:30 and I headed to Steve's Norwood Hardware to get some pipe for conduit.  Tied the pipe to the top of the car and headed back home.  It is now after two and I still havent eaten.  Took time to wolf down a baloney sandwich and headed back out.  My brother-in-law Lonnie happened to be going by and stopped to visit and got involved with helping.  I was sure glad to see him.  We unhooked the electric lines on both ends and started threading the conduit onto it.  Now that is a job with a long line but we finally got that part done.  He hooked the wellhead end back up and I went to the basement to connect the line back into the control panel.  While we were doing that Mitzi, Glinda, and the kids started filling the ditch back in. 4:00 pm now and  we were just getting done and putting tools away when Amanda came to pick my two grandsons up and we got to sit down for a bit.  Then it was time to head back out for the evening chores but thankfully we now have water and the electric line is buried and safe.  I sure hope tomorrow is better.

Posted: 06:44 PM, May 31, 2013 by IJK
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Solo Journey to Fulton, Mo

    May 19, 2013 found me having to take a solo trip to VFW Post 2657 in Fulton, Mo. It was the date of the annual School of Instruction for incoming District Commanders and presented by the incoming State Commander.  I am heavily involved in the local VFW having served as Commander in early 90s and now have been quartermaster of Post 3770 since 1993 and have also served as the webmaster for the Dept of Mo VFW websites.  Each post/district in the state has a website set up and my job is to assist them in maintaining their websites while also posting news and generally maintaining the Dept of Mo Website.  I was expected to be in Fulton that morning to give a talk about our system.
    I left home at 6:30 am after having completed the morning milking and the fog was so thick I could hardly see the road in front of me.  Luckily it was a 4-lane divided highway that I headed east on and when I got to Cabool, Mo and had to turn north on Highway 63 the fog was lifting.
    I passed through Rolla, Mo about 8 am and continued north on 63.  I enjoy seeing the sights and there were lots of terrapins on the road and an occasional mud turtle.  The road does not pass through the towns south of Rolla but does pass through many old towns on the journey north. I remembered this church from a previous trip several years ago and snapped the picture below as I went by.
    Finally reaching Jefferson City I turned east on 54 and crossed the Missouri River continuing east to Fulton Mo.  Found the post using the excellent instructions provided by my friend and comrade Jessie Jones who serves as the Dept of Mo Adj/Qm.  I stretched my legs a bit and headed in to the session that was already going.  I was the next speaker up and didnt have to wait long to speak and tell about our "Online Program Reporting", "Dept of Mo E-mail system" and the "MyVFW Network" of websites and how to utilize them to the organizations benefit.  Had an excellent lunch with comrades that I had never met but had spoken to on the phone and in chat on facebook.  The conversation was lively and interesting and I am glad I was able to meet them in person and put a face to the name.  Following lunch I visited a bit and then had to head back to Wright County to do the evening chores
This was taken while I was sitting at a stoplight on 63 south.      Snapped this one of the Osage River.
    I had to stop in Freeburg to fill up with gas and the folks at the station were really nice and I was pleased that I had chosen to stop there.
     The below pic is of a cemetery on the east side of the road in the middle of Westphalia, Mo.

    I found an oldie Rock and Roll station on the radio on my drive north that morning and was still listening and enjoying it.  Lots of songs from my youth that I had not heard in a long long time and the miles were just melting away.  I soon found myself back in Rolla and crossing Interstate Highway 44 continuing south on my journey home.  Afternoon milktime is 4 pm and I was trying to get there on time.  As I traveled through Rolla I remembered the VFW south of town and thought about stopping and visiting a little bit but changed my mind but I did take the time to snap this picture of the tank that sits in front as I passed by.
     South I continued and now I was in more familiar terrain as I journeyed.  I had a notion to take another pic, this time of the Cabool VFW since I would be passing by and here is that photo.
    At Cabool I was able to get back on 60 and continue west towards home.  I arrived home without being much late for milking.
    I made this video below while I was crossing the Missouri River.


Posted: 08:44 PM, May 29, 2013 by IJK
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Graduation at Drury University

    May 18, 2013 was the date that the wife and I were privileged to attend the graduation from Drury University in Springfield, Mo of our youngest son Jacob and his wife Amanda.  Very proud of both of them that they went back to school and earned their 4 year degrees.
The photos below are of the event.
    The photos below were taken after the graduation before they had to return the gowns.
New graduates Amanda and Jacob Kelley
    With their two sons (left to right) Jacob, Connor, Amanda and Bucky.

     Following the graduation we traveled to south Campbell to Fuji's Japanese Seafood and Steakhouse to celebrate.  The food was delicious and was prepared on the grill in front of us as a show.  There was plenty of food and although I was feeling very full I wish there could have been just one or two bites more.  Has to be good food that fills one up and still leaves a person wanting more. 
     The video below is part of the show and is a onion made into a volcano.  Bucky's eyes sure got big when this happened right in front of him.


Posted: 08:11 PM, May 24, 2013 by IJK
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Breeding using Artificial Insemination

A brief video of A.I breeding. My Granddaughter "Flossie" took the video for me.

Posted: 12:11 PM, May 20, 2013 by IJK
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Flo's 8th Grade Graduation

    Our oldest granddaughter graduated from the 8th grade at Norwood R-1 Schools in Norwood, Mo on Tuesday, May 14, 3013.  Below are some photos taken of the event.
This one was taken prior to the start of the event.
left to right - Norwood Superintendent Eaton, Norwood High School Principal Wilbanks, Board member Shawn Chadwell, Board member Didi Richardson, and Board member John Cramer.  All the board members present were in the photo and all pictured are Norwood graduates themselves.
"Flo" receiving her diploma.
The 8th Grade Class of 2013 - Norwood R-1 Schools
"Flo" and her family.  The little one on the right is being miffed and her brother was involved in a high school baseball game at Hartville.
"Flo" and her Grandmother Kelley
"Flo" and her grandparents Campbell, Paul and Linda.

Posted: 11:38 AM, May 20, 2013 by IJK
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Mayfields at play

May 4, 2013

Posted: 07:47 PM, May 12, 2013 by IJK
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Glinda gets a greenhouse

     We are now committed as Skeezix and I have dismantled the old greenhouse and there is not turning back now. We continued with this operation until we had it all cleaned up and ready to mow the area.
We have greenhouse building materials on hand and ready to begin.
The frame is up and ready to continue.
Shelves for the plants and the ends are framed in.

South endNorth end
North end again.  Made the hinge for the door from very used baler belting.
Shelves were made from stacking old tires with the rims still inside two high and then laying old tin for the actual shelf.  Used screws like the ones for putting on metal roofing to attach the time in place.  Dimensions of the greenhouse are approx 14 feet long and 12 feet wide.  Have less than $200 invested.

Posted: 10:59 AM, May 6, 2013 by IJK
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Ships at Sea

The ship I served on is in this video

Posted: 10:06 AM, April 9, 2013 by IJK
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Water Pump Installation

Posted: 08:27 AM, April 8, 2013 by IJK
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The Eagle Cried ~ Vietnam Veterans Tribute

Posted: 06:53 PM, April 3, 2013 by IJK
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    Seems as if I have not been very active here the last few months.  Hopefully with the coming of spring that can and will change.  I have been quite busy as the webmaster for the VFW of Mo and my local VFW Post in Mountain Grove, Mo.  We changed our VFW websites and upgraded to WordPress.  Here is the link to my local Mtn Grove VFW site - http://vfwpost3770.org/mo/ and here is the link to the Mo VFW website - http://vfwmo.org/
     I am going to be posting more here though in the future so don't quit coming around.  Have a calf buyer coming tomorrow and will get some photos and write a story then for this site.

Posted: 10:55 AM, March 10, 2013 by IJK
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Grandkids & Calves

A pretty March afternoon and the grandkids get to interact with some calves following a dreary winter.  This video stars "Lil" and "Bucky"

Posted: 07:17 PM, March 7, 2013 by IJK
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