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Mom's 80th Birthday Celebration

    We celebrated my Mom's 80th Birthday 4 days early on Saturday, August 13th and was able to achieve a surprise. We all met at El Imperial Restaurant in Cabool, Mo just before noon and had a great meal together. We have been eating at El Imperial since the 70s and it was a natural choice for us to gather to celebrate her birthday.
    Present was my Mom and her husband of almost 47 years; my brother, Dean and his wife Kim; our oldest son, Francis and his wife Jennie and children, Emma and Little Ike; our daughter Mitzi and her husband Beaudreaux and children, Skeezix, Flo, Flossie and Lil; our younger son, Jacob and his wife Amanda and children, CrackerJack and Bucky.
   We were also lucky enough to have our niece, Taylor, to be our waitress for the occasion and of course she did an excellent job.

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