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Thanksgiving 2011

    Thanksgiving was planned to be at my Mom's this year so Glinda and I left home early and decided to go by and visit her sister Mary before going on over to Mom's.

If you look close you can still see the remains of Glinda's "Black Eye".

    Glinda and I had just arrived and my brother Dino had to go outside and move cars for better parking.  We were watching the Macy's Parade and I knew he wouldn't want to miss Snoopy so I snapped this one right quick.  This one's for you Dino.

    The photo above and the next four are us sitting down to a feast.  Turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, homemade rolls, home grown sweet potatoes, cranberries, fresh home made cole slaw, cranberry ice and topped off with fresh homemade pumpkin pie and chocolate pie

    The next four photos were taken back in the front room following the meal and clean-up.  Found TVLand on the Dish Network and had a treat of a "Andy Griffith Show" marathon.  Was privileged to watch 6 before having to leave to return home to chore.  Some are planning on going to Wal-mart at 10 this evening to start the Black Friday madness.

    Neither of our two sons or their families were present because they had commitments with their wives families.  One in Texas and one across town.  Sure missed them and the grandkids.  Everyone in attendance is in at least one photo except for myself.

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