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Grandkids Pick Cherries for GrandMa

GrandMa Plays Ball with the Grandkids

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June at Kelley's Dairy

I have gotten behind so will make a single posting of everything month by month until caught up.  This is June 2013.  July, August and September will follow..  Thank you for your patience.First pepper of the season

The Missouri VFW held it's annual convention in Springfield, Mo this year and following the convention some very dear friends from New Hampshire came by to visit on Sunday afternoon. I had met Ross before but had not met his wife, Tara Sue, or the children before the convention although I had spoken to TS many times on the phone.  We had an excellent visit and gave them a tour of the farm.
left to right front - Lincoln, "Lil", Virginia, and Junebug Ru, rear - Me, Glinda and Ross.  Tara Sue was taking the pictures.
Inspecting the hogs Skeezix was raising for the fair.
"Lil" and Virginia are getting a closer look.  I suppose they are enthralled with watching.  The girls got along real well since they are almost the same age.
The Myers family - Standing rear - Junebug, sitting on Tara Sue's lap is Lincoln, standing beside her is Virginia and on the right is Ross.  We really enjoyed their visit and if they ever travel this way again we will be better prepared to be better hosts.  It was a really nice relaxing day and we were able to visit as if we had known each other for all our lives.
Francis took the time to come help me bale hay one day and I got these pics then.
Is Glinda small or is that a big bale of hay?
The Turkey Vultures are taking off, apparently I bothered them during their meal.
"Lil" was trying to get close and take a good look at the geese.  A pair had nested and raised young and here they are almost full grown.  It is hard to tell the young ones from the parents.
This female cat was quick and caught a mouse one morning while I was milking.
GrandMa is monitoring "Flossie" as she waters some of Glinda's vegetables that we raise in containers.  Of course "Lil" is wanting to help.
"Lil" loving on two kittens.
Brown Swiss cows resting in the early morning hours before I make the get up and come in for morning milking.
"Lil"  discovers first cucumber
and then she had to eat it.Francis birthday was on a Saturday and after he joined me for a class at VFW Post 3404 we went to the new Leongs Chinese Restaurant and played a round of mini golf while the ladies and kids went shopping.
Cousin Kimberly came and met us and we had a good visit with her.  She lives in Springfield but spent lots of time at our house while growing up and is very dear to our family.
After the golf game and visit with Kimberly we returned to Francis family home and I snapped the photos below while we enjoyed the shade of the big cedar trees in the front yard.
This is "Ike" and Harley.
Emma and "Ike"
Francis and Emma
Glinda, Jenny and "Ike" at the pond at their home.  I think they were looking and trying to spot the goldfish.
My oldest son Francis flanked by his Mother and I

This is all I have for June - Will try to get July up in the next few days.

Graduation at Drury University

    May 18, 2013 was the date that the wife and I were privileged to attend the graduation from Drury University in Springfield, Mo of our youngest son Jacob and his wife Amanda.  Very proud of both of them that they went back to school and earned their 4 year degrees.
The photos below are of the event.
    The photos below were taken after the graduation before they had to return the gowns.
New graduates Amanda and Jacob Kelley
    With their two sons (left to right) Jacob, Connor, Amanda and Bucky.

     Following the graduation we traveled to south Campbell to Fuji's Japanese Seafood and Steakhouse to celebrate.  The food was delicious and was prepared on the grill in front of us as a show.  There was plenty of food and although I was feeling very full I wish there could have been just one or two bites more.  Has to be good food that fills one up and still leaves a person wanting more. 
     The video below is part of the show and is a onion made into a volcano.  Bucky's eyes sure got big when this happened right in front of him.


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