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Glinda gets a greenhouse

     We are now committed as Skeezix and I have dismantled the old greenhouse and there is not turning back now. We continued with this operation until we had it all cleaned up and ready to mow the area.
We have greenhouse building materials on hand and ready to begin.
The frame is up and ready to continue.
Shelves for the plants and the ends are framed in.

South endNorth end
North end again.  Made the hinge for the door from very used baler belting.
Shelves were made from stacking old tires with the rims still inside two high and then laying old tin for the actual shelf.  Used screws like the ones for putting on metal roofing to attach the time in place.  Dimensions of the greenhouse are approx 14 feet long and 12 feet wide.  Have less than $200 invested.

Planting Tomato Plants

    I worked this morning early tilling the soil and then installing the fences for this year's tomato plants to be tied to as they grew.  This evening, following the evening milking and feeding I had plenty of help to aid to putting the plants into the ground.  "Flo", "Flossie" and "Lil" were really energetic and planted 300 tomato plants in less than 2 hours.  Grandson "Skeezix" helped as well. The video below shows the teamwork used to get the job done.  Do I have to add that all three love eating fresh tomatoes from "Mimi's" garden?

It was a beautiful evening in the Ozarks once more.

Pumpkin Competition - entry #4

    Taken 8-6-11.  The pumpkin just keeps growing.  Yesterdays rain and cool down is helping.

Pumpkin Competition - entry #3

    The Pumpkin just keeps growing and growing and growing.  We can see growth every day.  This was taken on July 27, 2011.

2010 Sweet Potato Crop

Taken just before harvesting this year's sweet potato crop.

    "Flossie" with the largest sweet potato.

    Two more nice sweet potatoes.

    "Lil" had to help too.

    "Ugly" with the strangest.

    The "Harvest"

    "Skeezix" with the first harvest of his own sweet potatoes.

Kelley's Dairy is located just outside of Norwood, Missouri in the Ozark Mountains.

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