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"To My Son"

Your Daddys far away from home;
    He's out upon the sea.
But we know he will return someday;
    Return to you and me.

He's never seen you but I know that,
    When he's here again.
He'll say "My son, I surely know
    You're sunshine after rain."

Your Daddy's on a great big ship,
    Out on the ocean blue,
But he'll be coming home someday, yes,
    Home to me and you.

And when he sees you will say
    "Praise be, but it is true.
I didn't know God gave men sons
    As perfect, Joe, as you!"

My son, I want you now to know
    That you're my pride and joy.
Yes, you're my little cutie pie -
    But Daddy's baby boy.


    This is the last poem in my Mothers little scrapbook of poems that she had published so many years ago.  Now I can place the book in a very safe place. To read the full collection go to my categories on the right and chose Mom's Poetry
    These last two poems were written while my Dad was serving on the USS Antietam CV-36 during the Korean War.  Happenstance had it that my Dad did not experience the day of my birth as his ship crossed the international date line and went from 9-28-51 to 9-30-51 and missed 9-29-51.  The Red Cross sent a telegram to my Dad telling of my birth and he presented it to me a few years back.  It now hangs on my wall.


"My Sailor Boy"

My sailor boy, in navy blue
    Shall sail the oceans wide,
But when this horrid war is through,
    He'll be here by my side.

Down lover's lane seems long ago,
    We wandered hand in hand,
Now overseas my sailor goes
    So far from his dear land.

While he for peace and freedom fights,
    My brother close beside,
I'll pray for him through lonely nights,
    My loneliness I'll hide.

My sailor boy will never know
    The worry or the care,
The many times I prayed to God
    To guide him over there.

But when the battle's won and time
    Has given back our joy,
I'll live as happy as a rhyme,
    With my dear sailor boy.

A.M.S. Norwood ,Sept 18, 1950

"At Midnight"

When it's midnight in the Ozarks
    And the stars light the heavens above,
It is then my thoughts turn to my sweetheart,
    Back to the one I love.

You left me here at midnight,
    And it's then that you'll come back to me,
Oh, but I love you more than all others,
    My dear, 'tis you I am longing to see.

The beauty of the world at midnight,
    Bathed in the moon's pale glow,
Takes me back to the night you left me,
    At midnight long long ago.

I'll be waiting for you at midnight,
    Just as in days now long gone,
Yes, I will always wait, dear,
    For some midnight you'll be home.

Alice Snavely

"Clouds of Sunset"

Clouds of gold and clouds of pink
  Beyond the line of hills doth sink;
They say "Good luck and good day"
  As they go drifting on their way;

And as they go, they leave me
  Alone to watch the distant lea;
As they move beyond the hills
  The darkness covers the rills;

Gold and pink do signify
  The sun has gone and day will die.
And then the gold and pink do fade
  And leave us for another shade;

Fragile dark against the sky,
  The sun will be back by and by.
Bringing with it the morning bright
  Brilliant colors to greet our sight;

Clouds of gold and clouds of pink
  Beyond the line of hills did sink;
They said "Good luck and good day"
  As they went drifting on their way.

Alice Snavely


The snow gently falling does make for me,
A carpet of white, to change the dark night
To a heavenly palace just for thee.
To rule through the long, lonesome winter night.
The moon and stars break through the clouded sky
The rabbits and squirrels come out to play.
For they are happier by far than I.
The snow is their friend for it came today.
It came today when they needed it more;
They needed it more than anytime yet;
For about their homes dogs never before
Had run such a race their catch to get,
To reflect the world in the bright moonlight;
A carpet of white to change the dark night.

Alice Snavely

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