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Why not to hit on your wife's neurotic best friend

May 13, 2008,11:35 AM

I suppose the title is self explanatory. But then there was the sunshine and heat to counter. Couple that with the family's return from an exotic holiday in sunnier climes and it seemed a good idea at the time.

I wondered when I met my wife how I would stay faithful and I am pleased to say that so far I have. Though, that is in my definition books and perhaps not everyone elses, for me sleeping with someone is that final nail in the coffin.

In recent days A was announced as coming to stay for a weekend. Now, this is always an attraction to me. Firstly it keeps my wife happy and supplies her with the emotional friendship I am apparently so ill equipped to supply and secondly I have found her enormously attractive for the 18 years I have known her. This has perhaps been reduced somewhat with her flirtation with depression and weight loss.

Anyhow, after receiving a fairly innocent email from A, I sent one back deliberately misreading one comment as having a sexual undertone. I went on to state my surprise and that I had always thought of this person as pure and untouched. This always seems to be a red flag to any woman who then desperately wants to prove that they are sexually active and not pure at all.

So the emails went back and forward and the friend came to stay. It added real fun to the weekend knowing that A would be well aware what I was thinking each time I passed her. I will skirt over the weekend other than to say I did nothing.

Come the new week and the emails started again, though rapidly A seemed to be becoming a little depressed. A little bit more flirting revealed that A wanted a real relationship and not an electronic one. This realisation had caused her to sink a little back into the depression she had only just left.

The final email from her was that the whole sour note was my fault and that she wished to both stop emailing and to disappear.

Subsequent to this last email I am left in a certain amount of doubt. What have I learned from this situation? Did I do something wrong? how much has this behaviour now impacted on A who is not talking to me anymore. Could this depression lead to her confessing all to my wife.

I think I am supposed to be worried at this stage but really all I feel is concern for her state of mind. The whole think was meant to be mutually enjoyable. So perhaps if you are looking for a flirty relationship with someone close to home, then dont choose a depression sufferer.


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