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Labor Shortage
June 14, 2009
     Anyone trying to argue that there is a labor shortage is just nuts. If people want to work, I have plenty around here for them to do! First, they could clean my car, then change the oil and check the fluids, tires and anything else needing serviced. When done with that, I have a yard that needs mowed and weed-eated. Once the weed-eating is done, perhaps then I can actually find the spot for the next task, building me a small shed. I've thought about replacing my well house with a shed, kill two birds with one stone as it were. Once there is a place to park the lawnmower, then my little worker bees can begin building my shop building. I really need a place where i can work on projects such as bunk beds, computers, cars and any half-baked idea I think of. Perhaps we should build the shop BEFORE the car gets it's oil changed, after all, wouldn't it be better to change it in a shop? Once done with those easy things, comes the more fun stuff. I still don't have my pool up. Before I can, the foster-control people whatever you call them say it has to be able to be gated off. SO what THAT means is first I need a deck attached to my existing deck in which the pool can be placed in the middle of and fenced off with a gate. I wouldn't mind the extra privacy in the pool anyway! Once the pool is set up, I really want to get a gated driveway which can be operated from my office, i hate unexpected visitors. AND if I have a gate, i might as well put in a concrete wall around the yard topped with razor wire for any runaway children (which I hear can happen if one is not careful.) After all of that is finished, THEN there might be a shortage of labor. Of course, I also expect the government to pay my workers, because of course I can't afford to. They should also pay my expenses too, after all I'm trying to helpout with this economy as well! :)
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