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When is the spence and garcia fight canada vs usa womens soccer score

Sunday 12st, October 5:51:40 Pm
Errol Spence vs Mikey Garcia - 03-16-19 (FULL FIGHT)


And Mikey Garcia enter the ring on March 16 in Arlington, Texas, the disparity in size will probably be the first thing we notice. Spence has a three-inch height advantage and four-inch reach advantage, not to mention, Spence is a big welterweight, to begin with, meaning, he's going to look that much bigger than Garcia, the former lightweight champion.

Spence's demeanor recently can be looked at as dismissive and arrogant when talking about the fight and about Garcia's weight gain in preparation for this fight where Spence referred to Garcia as looking "fat and sloppy" when asked by Fight Hub TV. In another interview, Spence expressed he was going to give Garcia a brutal beating. When the fight begins, there is no telling how much bigger Spence will be when compared to Garcia.

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I'd expect there to be a major visible size difference.

According to reports, both fighters are set to be paid 8 million apiece for the pay-per-view event. The major topic of discussion around this fight is size disparity. Spence is much bigger naturally and there is concern Garcia has been blown up in an effort to compete in a weight class above his best weight class.

Spence is a minus favorite and Garcia is a plus underdog. The two men are expected to climb into the ring around midnight ET on FOX PPV. Be on the lookout for my results, recap and fallout article after the fight. I cover combat sports, pro wrestling and video games. Manny Pacquiao could find himself fighting Errol Spence Jr.

If a Floyd Mayweather rematch doesn't manifest. This is how the two champions matchup against each other. The most concerning physical metric for me is going to be the disparity in weight when the two fighters step into the ring on fight night. I wouldn't be surprised if Spence Jr. Has a pound weight advantage over Pacquiao when the opening bell rings for round one. There's no doubt who has the edge when it comes to experience. Pacquiao is head and shoulders above Spence Jr. When it comes to the level of opposition and mega fight experience. Camps begin the wind down for Spence and Garcia as their fight approaches.

SUBSCRIBE for more from PBC ON FOX. Garcia and Spence, who are rated No. 10 by The Ring respectively on the pound-for-pound list, clash in an eagerly anticipated super bout that has the boxing world buzzing. Spence, 21 knockouts was a member of the U.S. In May, he traveled to Sheffield, England, to dethrone Kell Brook in 11 rounds to claim his world title.

Mikey believes that the Spence skillset isn’t what most crack it up to be, that he can disarm it, even though is maybe far above his ideal weight class. And that belief, his choice to take the fight, has to be respected or, at least, up until the point that he proves this roll of the dice wasn’t foolhardy. I believe it won’t play out as foolhardy. The pair will put their unbeaten records on the line this Saturday night, 16 March, at the ATT Stadium in Arlington, Texas so if you’re watching it from the UK, it’s going to be a late one for you.

What time will the main event ring walks be? At the earliest, but probably more likely to be around It’s in Texas so the time difference is pretty big but with a fight of this magnitude, it’ll be worth it. Spence’s IBF welterweight title is the only belt up for grabs on Saturday, with Garcia looking to become a five-weight world champion.

The current champion boasts a perfect record of 24 fights, 24 wins, with 21 by knockout. Garcia also comes into this one with a perfect professional career to date, 39 fights, 39 victories, with 30 by way of KO. Who has Spence fought that warrants this veil of invincablity? The only name fighters he has beaten was Lamont Peterson who is on the downhill side of his career, and Kell Brook.

He was coming off a loss to GGG in which he had his eye socket fractured. After 8 rds, that fight was all even. Second, something bothers me as to how Spence react when hit. Spnce in traing is looking too thin. When I watch the two opponents hitting the heavy bag, its Garcia who is the heavier handed of the two. Spence, because of his unblemished record and size may be a bit overconfident. I think he is going to be very surprised at Garcia's strengthand punching power.

Its a aggressive puncher against a boxercounter puncher.

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When he jumped up two divisions from lightweight to welterweight 11 months ago to challenge Spence, one of boxing's best practitioners, Garcia got shut out.

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But Garcia, 30 KOs wanted to give the division another try.

A fight with Crawford would be attractive but is extremely unlikely, especially because of the horrendous relationship between Garcia and his former promoter Top Rank, which represents Crawford. Still, Garcia said he'd like the fight if it were possible. Mikey Garcia took control of the second half of his fight against Jessie Vargas Tom PenningtonGetty Images.

But the much higher-profile fight - and apparently the far more likely fight - is one between Pacquiao and Garcia. Errol Spence and Mikey Garcia will fight at ATT Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Spence competes in his home state for the sixth time, while Garcia fights in the "Lonestar State" for the ninth time. According to musecrafters.com, Errol Spence is a favorite, which means you'll need to bet to win. Mikey Garcia defeated Jessie Vargas by unanimous decision and then called for a super fight with Manny Pacquiao or a rematch with Errol Spence Jr.

"I would love to get a potential fight with Manny Pacquiao, or a rematch with Errol Spence. I think it would be a tremendous fight. Asked about Pacquiao, Garcia said "I think it's very likely that we are considered as likely opponents." In the opening round, Vargas was quick to show his intent, sending an early left hook through the high guard of the tentative Garcia. Vargas had made a lively start to the fight. The Las Vegas man set a lively pace in the second round as he followed swift jabs with probing right hands. A late Vargas rally kept the scorecards close as Garcia took home judges scores of, in a fight he visibly dominated after a slow start.

CBS Sports also scored the bout "I feel very happy to be back and I did have to make adjustments to his height, reach and natural size," Garcia said. "As the fight went on, I started feeling that I was hurting him and closing the gap a little bit more. "I would love to fight Manny Pacquiao or get a rematch with Errol Spence.

I think it would be a tremendous fight, and I'm better now at this weight class. I think I want to continue to campaign at and search a title in my fifth division." Garcia bloodied the nose of Vargas and wobbled him with combinations in Round 5 before sending him to the canvas with a hard right cross.

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Spence is just teeing off and it seems all that remains is the moral victory of going the distance with an elite champion at a higher weight. I believe this fight should be stopped. The referee is taking a closer look. Even when Spence is in the pocket, Garcia can’t find the openings to counter.

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We’re eight rounds in and it’s like Garcia hasn’t even got started. He’s going to need a stoppage to win and at this point that would seem impossible for Garcia, who’s not a big knockout puncher to begin with.

The only remaining question is whether Spence is content to run out the clock for a lopsided decision or if he wants to step on the gas and get Mikey out of there. Guardian’s unofficial score Spence Jr Garcia Spence Jr Garcia. Garcia isn’t just fighting in Spence’s territory when it comes to weight class. Spence grew up in Texas, and he is sure to have the crowd behind him for the pay-per-view card.

It will be a defining fight for both men. They are both undefeated and ranked in Ring’s top for pound-for-pound fighters. Expectations from fans are sky high. Keith Thurman or Terence Crawford would likely be the next names on the docket.

If Garcia defies the odds and pulls out the win, well, he might just step into Spence’s role and get the fights the latter has been clamoring for the past couple of years. Or maybe he will slim down again and chase Lomachenko. It would be a fairly historic upset, and one might hope it encourages other fighters to imitate his refreshing bravery. Errol Spence had inflicted Garcia's first professional defeat when they fought 11 months ago.

Last March in Arlington, Texas, Garcia moved up two weight classes as lightweight champion to challenge Errol Spence Jr. For the IBF pound championship in an attempt to claim a title in his fifth weight class. Spence won a unanimous decision, taking every round. With the win in his second fight at welterweight, Garcia said the weight class is 'a good option' and will now aim for a matchup against Manny Pacquiao.

'I think it's very likely that we are considered a likely opp. Who has fought the same fighters that I fought?," Garcia told musecrafters.com "Everyone is talking about [IBF champion] Errol Spence, but he fought somebody that I already beat. And when he beat him they consider him a killer, but when I beat him Danny Garcia wasn't a killer." Speaking of Spence, he is scheduled to make a Showtime televised defense of his title on June in Dallas, Texas. There is no opponent at the moment - and Garcia would welcome the opportunity to fight Spence.

"I think that's a great fight for me. He likes to fight, I like to fight.

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While both Spence and Garcia are considered to be two of the very best fighters in the world, there is a massive size difference. Spence is a natural welterweight and has spent his entire career at that weight class. He is the naturally bigger man.

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On the other hand Mikey Garcia will be moving up from pounds lightweight division in hopes of dethroning Spence. Garcia originally began his career at pounds and has won world titles at,, and pounds.

Still, Mikey Garcia’s talent has never been in question. He has defeated multiple world champions up to this point. Mikey Garcia, 30 KOs and Errol Spence Jr., 21 KOs made a welterweight limit during the official weigh-in ceremony before the boxing evening at the stadium in Arlington, Texas.

IBF World Title, owned by Spence will be at stake in this fight. Garcia will fight for the title in his fifth weight class. Spence stepped on his state commission’s scale at pounds, Garcia officially weighed in at a career-high pounds. When Mikey Garcia first called for a fight with the much bigge Errol Spence most fans laughed or sneered, insisting this fight, one that would see Garcia bite off way more than he could chew, would not happen.

Fast-forward a few months, and the fight is almost done. According to a piece over at musecrafters.com, the fight is being finalised for next February, to go out on Showtime Pay-per-View.

The fight could take place in Texas, a source told Ring. So, while IBF welterweight king Spence awaits the big, defining fights at, a fight with Terence Crawford in particular, the unbeaten southpaw seems.

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Garcia made more believers than doubters Saturday night, dropping Jessie Vargas once en route to a unanimous decision victory before a partisan crowd at the Ford Center. The fight was his first after a one-sided decision loss to Errol Spence Jr., last March.

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Scores were, and for Garcia, who improves to 30 knockouts. The Ring also scored the bout for Garcia. Vargas, a former world titleholder in two weight classes, was supposed to provide a stiff test for Garcia.

The year-old had entered the fight having won his previous four bouts and had only lost to. I think that Errol Spence will be the person who will make me show them. It seems to me that this will be a big fight and one of those cases when a little guy beats a big guy. Recall that Mikey Garcia has never fought at the welterweight, but has experience of successful performances in pounds, where he managed to win the IBF title, beating Russian Sergey Lipinets by points. Mikey Garcia makes his way to the ring first, amid a tremendous atmosphere at Jerryworld.

Big support for the Californian, despite this being Spence's hometown. Hugely significant night in the career of both fighters. Garcia looks cheery and relaxed, Spence comes with more pomp and circumstance, including a huge marching band leading him out. A slow and cagey first round, with the smaller Garcia not wanting to take any chances with Spence's power. Garcia spends most of the round on the back foot, feeling out his opponent.

Spence is the more aggressive of the two.

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Shut down Mikey Garcia and punished him over 12 rounds to win their fight in Dallas Saturday night. Mikey Garcia full fight video highlights. Shut down Mikey Garcia and punished him over 12 rounds to win their fight in Dallas Saturday night. By Ryan Harkness Mar 17, pm EDT. And what I’ve been told is B will be Errol Spence, which would be a humongous fight for boxing, for myself, and for his team as well, Porter said.

Before Showtime Porter, 17 KO squares up against Garcia, 20 KO for the vacant WBC welterweight title at Barclays Center Showtime, 9 pm ET, we caught up with the year-old pugilist to ask why he’s done worrying about earning respect, when a fight with Spence could actually happen, and what kind of impact.

The first time I said Danny Garcia’s name and the first time he said my name was when Danny moved up to the division three years ago. Back then, everybody wanted the young lions to fight each other. Back then it was just never going to happen.

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Garcia Errol Spence Jr., TKO, R8 I think this fight could be very competitive. Member Since His best chance is to out-volume his enemy here, and try and make him be the nail.

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We haven't seen ESJ go deep against someone as good as Mikey. It's a big ask, but I'm going to take him in what is probably just a useless fanboy heart pick. Netflix to Adapt Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' for TV. The classic novel will be turned into a Spanish-language original series for the streaming giant.

Garcia, 31, is nearly a 3-to-1 underdog against Spence, 29, and several experts expect the challenger to have difficulty with the pressure of Spence ’s power When Garcia took a dislike to the money he was earning and the wait for the in-house fights he wanted from former promoter Top Rank, he took a.

Benavidez’s prediction on the fight sounds about right. Spence has the bigger potential to get a knoc.

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Mikey Garcia commences on Saturday, March The main card begins at 9 p.m., with Spence and Garcia expected to make the walk to the ring for the main event at around p.m. How do I watch Errol Spence vs. Premier Boxing Champions FOX Sports. Both Spence and Garcia will put their undefeated records on the line Spence is currently on and Garcia has clocked up 39 straight victories. Garcia will be moving up two weight divisions to take on Spence, who won the IBF strap after stopping Sheffield’s Kell Brook last year.

Mikey Garcia is confident the small man will beat the big man when the two champs clashCredit APAssociated Press.

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There's no one else out there right now that I can compete with at that level and Spence is the guy, so that's why I'm after him." Garcia, who has fought at lightweight, said he isn’t concerned about jumping up two weight divisions.

Spence, who will be defending his world title for a third time, said the fight being made is a dream come true. He said "It's gonna be a big fight.

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Garcia charges out of his corner like his hair is on fire, landing a superman punch and chasing after him with punches and kicks.

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In the flurry, Garcia puts himself in danger, and Pena is quick to circle out and take his opponent’s back quickly. Pena tries to jump on Garcia’s back to bully him down, but instead lets go and just drags him down while maintaining the back position.

As Garcia goes down, Pena falls face down into a triangle choke attempt, and Garcia tightens his legs up from around Pena’s neck. Pena is in the danger zone now, and Garcia nearly wraps up a triangle armbar, until Pena stands upright and Garcia falls off. Violent Bob Ross uses the moment of confusion to grab the back of Garcia again, and we return to the position where we spent the majority of the last frame. Kellerman Mikey Garcia has real chances against Errol Spence.

Max Kellerman breaks down his thoughts on Spence-Garcia. By Wil Escowilesco Feb 4, am EST. In this video interview captured by Fight Hype, boxing commentator Max Kellerman gives his take on why he thinks Mikey Garcia has a chance to beat Spence if he can carry his power to lbs. Look, Spence is correctly the favorite in my view. Because Spence is a young, athletic fighter who has skills, is very tough you’ve seen him in fights already where it’s like well, that’s not exactly going his way.’ Kell Brook was doing some things and he did not get discouraged. At the post-fight presser for Garcia’s great win over Jessie Vargas, promoter Eddie Hearn said that the Garcia-Pacquiao fight is the one he will get busy working on in the coming weeks and that Saudi is the plan for this fight.

It’s a great fight, a big fight, as Mikey said himself, it’s a legacy fight. Garcia says it would be a real honour for him to fight living legend Pacquiao, but that he can show his own greatness in the fight. Pacquiao looked great in his last fight, when he knocked down and decisioned Keith Thurman last July, as Garcia says himself. While Garcia looked like a real welterweight in the win over Vargas who of course fought Pacquiao a few years ago, dropping a decision.

How much longer can the incredible Pacquiao carry on for. Garcia is known as a patient fighter with good punching power, a natural right-hander who likes to switch to southpaw during some of his fights.

He turned pro in and signed with Bob Arum's Top Rank.[11] Garcia was undefeated in his first 20 professional fights with 17 of them coming by way of knockout. The fight went ahead after Garcia paid Lopez a penalty of, for missing weight. Garcia claimed the reason for not making weight was due to missing several days of training.[19] On fight night, Garcia re-hydrated to pounds, whilst Lopez weighed pounds on the HBO scales.

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Garcia is known as a patient fighter with good punching power, a natural right-hander who likes to switch to southpaw during some of his fights. He turned pro in and signed with Bob Arum's Top Rank.[13] Garcia was undefeated in his first 20 professional fights with 17 of them coming by way of knockout. The fight went ahead after Garcia paid Lopez a penalty of, for missing weight. Garcia claimed the reason for not making weight was due to missing several days of training.[21] On fight night, Garcia re-hydrated to pounds, whilst Lopez weighed pounds on the HBO scales.

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Miguel Angel Garcia Cortez born December 15, best known as Mikey Garcia, is an American professional boxer. He has held multiple world championships in four weight classes, including the lineal junior welterweight title since previously he held the WBO and Ring magazine featherweight t. Garcia started his amateur career at the age of fourteen.

In, he won a silver medal at the National Junior Olympic Championships in the lb division.

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Few took Garcia seriously, at least until he and Spence signed the fight contract, agreeing to scuffle at the home of their favorite football team, the Cowboys. Spence is from the Dallas area, but Garcia came to love America’s Team while growing up in California, when a relative gave him a sweatshirt with the Boys logo splashed across the front. Last year, he watched the Saints game at the stadium where he will fight this weekend and even met with owner Jerry Jones, who told him you’re my good luck charm when the Cowboys pulled off the upset.

Garcia would like to replicate his favorite team.

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When Spence and Garcia step into the ring Saturday night at midfield in the massive billion-dollar home stadium of the favorite NFL team for both fighters it will be a matchup of undefeated champions, and two of the best pound-for-pound boxers. Garcia, the reigning WBC lightweight champion who is with 30 knockouts, is moving up two weight classes to take on Spence, at with 21 knockouts and fighting at home in North Texas for the second time in nine months.

He’s going to find out why I chose to fight him and why I picked this fight, Garcia said. This is a dream come true fighting in my hometown, Spence said. Seeing Mikey Garcia’s face through this whole training camp just made me more focused and more hungry to put on a great performance.

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Although the fight was one-sided, Errol Spence Jr. And Mikey Garcia treated boxing fans to a rarity on Saturday a meeting of undefeated, in-their-prime titleholders. Garcia, the smaller man, deserves credit for challenging himself. Spence is too much for him to handle, but Garcia shows big heart. Mikey Garcia fell short in stepping up in weight against Errol Spence Jr., but both men deserve credit for making a big fight.

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As many suspected when the match was originally announced, Mikey Garcia, a four time champ who won his first title at featherweight, bit off more than he could chew, let alone swallow. Gunning for not only a title in his fifth weight division, Mikey could have picked a gentler segue instead, he chased history against arguably the best all-around package the star-studded welterweight division has to offer. I think Spence showcased for 36 minutes every possible reason why Pacquiao would not want to fight him as he clearly established himself as the guy to beat at He’s a hard-hitting, technically sound locomotive that can neutralize you with his craft, or break you down with voluminous power punching.

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Spencer "Spence" Reid is a Supervisory Special Agent with the BAU. He is hailed as a genius and an autodidact. Reid graduated from high school at the age of twelve. In his youth, his father William left him and his mother Diana as he could no longer deal with her paranoid schizophrenia, among other things.

Reid once mentioned that he was a victim of bullying in school where he was stripped naked and tied to a goalpost in front of other students. After waiting for all the other teenagers to leave.

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Spencer Reid interrupting a student to explain something he wasn't asked to explain. I honestly think i just continue through the seasons to see how many more times this fucking team is gonna be surprised by my boi Spence. Criminal minds Spencer you share me. Haha poor spencer he scares people.

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Spence gets after Garcia for the majority of 12 rounds and puts a whooping on him. Might have shortened his career. Mikey Garcia hasn’t fought since January when he outpointed Juan Carlos Burgos in the theater at Madison Square Garden. His absence has been felt by boxing fans who’ve grown accustomed to watching Garcia generally dismantle good opponents since his high-level run began in Garcia told Osuna he’s been dealing with some promotional disputes and disagreements, and that he doesn’t have many.

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Spence vs Garcia fight - Isla Mujeres Forum. If nobody has it you can watch it on a personal device with the VPN. I was in the same boat when I wanted to watch a UFC fight, and nobody had it. Lucky for me I was able to stream it to my laptop.

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Snapped Garcia’s head back multiple times in those early rounds as Garcia was defensive most of the time and when he did open up like he did in the round, he was met by a fist to the face or to the stomach. Continued to box the socks off Garcia through the middle rounds and clearly was pitching a shutout leading into the championship rounds.

And Manny Pacquiao met in the center of the ring which could be the next mega fight at Jerry World as it has been rumored. Jerry Jones was front and center as well and has already hosted two Pacquiao fights and would love to continue big time boxing at his palace that seats, people.

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Garcia and Spence fighting one another means that all other possible top level fights for both get pushed back even further. But this is where realism should be wedged into the conversation. The top welterweights have had plenty of time to sign on the bottom line against Spence and none seem too eager to do so. Boxing is not losing out on Spence-Crawford or Spence-Thurman if they get Spence-Garcia. Garcia-Spence is alright and it may be the best big fight option in the immediate future for both.

Afterwards, when the dust settles, everyone can go back to wishing for their dream fights. Follow us on Twitterboxingcom to continue the discussion.

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Mikey Garcia may well be daring to be great against Errol Spence Jr, but fans are concerned he has bitten off more than he can chew. The Mexican will look to become a five-weight world champion on Saturday night when he takes on the IBF Welterweight champion. Fans were initially stunned when lightweight champion Mikey Garcia challenged welterweight supremo Errol Spence Jr. Naturally a lightweight, Garcia is jumping way out of his comfort zone to challenge the New Yorker, who is two weight classes above him.

But, such is his skillset and fight IQ, plenty of critics refused to rule out the 39 Looking slightly fleshier than he has been for previous fights, Garcia was dwarfed by his opponent on stage.

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Spence vs Porter Fight Live Streaming. This will likely be a nip and tuck fight for a minimum of the first 50 percent. Spence will have his moments and so will Porter. Having said that, the correct exam will are available in the middle rounds after Spence will be able to arrange and land his left hand, and he will. He booked his biggest win around Mikey Garcia before this March, when one of the noteworthy wins could be the one towards Carlos Ocampo inside the match which ended by knockout.

Nonetheless, a lot of authorities take into consideration that Porter may be the hardest problem for Spence Jr. Up to now and he could cause lots of problems. Even though he remains unbeaten in his pro occupation, it’d be the situation that Spence Jr.

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Aw sht, he Spence ain’t gonna be ready, Garcia told FighterIQ when asked how soon he expects to take on Spence. You know, nobody has heard from him, so to even talk about the fight to me is pointless. The man is still recovering, so just let him recover and get better, Garcia stated. Then, you can ask him about when he’ll fight again. Garcia was slated to take on Spence this upcoming January and was mentioned immediately after Spence was victorious against Shawn Porter in Los Angeles in late September.

Those plans seem will more be put on hold and with a dif.

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Is about to defend his belt for the third time in his career and if The Truth manages to get the W, he thinks that will solidify him as the number 1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world At the end of the day, they called me out, so they obviously think they see something in me that they are going to win the fight. Garcia seemed unfazed by the size difference and he believes his training camp prepared him mentally and physically for the test.

If I get to hurt my opponent, drop him and hurt him and possibly take him out, I’m definitely going to jump on him. I want to make history and in order to accomplish that I need to fight the fight of my life and you will see the best of me on Saturday night, Garcia stated.

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Miguel Angel Garcia Cortez, best known as Mikey Garcia, is an American professional boxer. He has held multiple world championships in four weight classes, including the WBC lightweight title since and lineal light welterweight title since previously he held the. Garcia started his amateur career at the age of fourteen. In, he won a silver medal at the National Junior Olympic Championships in the lb division.

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Garcia, 30, still holds the WBC title in the lbs lightweight division and will move to lbs to face Spence Jr. Spence Jr, 28, won his title from Britain's Kell Brook in May "Floyd Mayweather did it all the time, fighting bigger guys," said Garcia. There's more to boxing that brute power." Garcia has held world titles at featherweight, super featherweight, lightweight and super lightweight, amassing a record of 39 wins from 39 bouts.

A unification bout with WBA lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko had been rumoured before a March.

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We have web based platform to watch TV channels live stream on all platforms from any musecrafters.com upcoming the Garcia vs Spence Boxing Championship.

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Errol Spence Jr., the welterweight world champion, will defend his IBF pound title against Mikey Garcia in a battle of top pound-for-pound boxers. The problem with Spence is his activity or lack thereof.

He’s fought three minutes in a year. Hard to build on that talent when he fights so sparingly. What makes Garcia’s task so daunting is that, unlike Leonard and Spinks in their massive upsets of Hagler and Holmes, he’s not a mover. He’s an aggressive technician who stays in the pocket and fires combinations, upstairs, downstairs and everywhere. It’s a style that served him well at, and pounds, when he was beating Orlando Salido technical decision after eight, Juan Manuel Lopez TKO 4 and Dejan Zlaticanin.